Music at Emmanuel

Emmanuel has a long tradition of music, The first three organists of the Church, Martin Shaw (1894-1902), Henry Cope Colles (1903-06) and Harold Darke (1906-11), became prominent church musicians. The specifications for the organ were drawn by Sir Henry Walford Davies (1869-1941), Master of the King’s Music 1934-41. Walford Davies was a parishioner at the time.

On Sundays throughout the year there is a Sung Eucharist at 10.30 am am when the choir sings one or two anthems during communion and also choral settings of the Eucharist from time to time. The musical setting of the Eucharist on most Sundays is the Mass of St Thomas by David Thorne.  On the first Sunday of each month the music is led by our children’s choir.

We always welcome new members to Emmanuel choir (men’s and women’s voices).  It is an inclusive choir and no audition is necessary. Each week, the music is sent out electronically (pdf and midi) to choir members so they can practice in their own time. Then we all get together at 9.50 am on Sunday to rehearse the anthem and music for the service that day.

At Emmanuel we rejoice in diversity and recognise that everyone worships differently.  During the 9.15am Informal Eucharist the music is of a more contemporary variety, including the Anderson ‘Clap’ Gloria and the Caribbean “Halle, halle, halleuiah” sequence and other music which most engages the very youngest members of our congregation.

If you would like to find out more about music at Emmanuel please click on the “contact us” section of this website.

We host several choral and orchestral concerts a year which are advertised on the pew sheet, monthly e-mailings and on the Church notice board, including our an annual concert series co-ordinated by our pianist in residence, Maria Garzon.

The Organ at Emmanuel

The organ at Emmanuel was built by J W Walker and Sons in 1910.

The casework, made up of the characteristic Walker ‘W’ shape,  incorporates some speaking pipes and was installed in 1914.

It was substantially cleaned and revoiced by Walkers in 1956.

A new  blower installed in 1996 by BOB.

The organ is a three manual instrument with only two completed.

Specification of the Organ


1   Open Diapason  16

2   Bourdon 16

3   Spare

4   Octave 8

5   Spare

6   Flute  8

7   Spare


14   Spare

15   Open Diapason large 8

16   Open Diapason 8

17   Wald Flute 8

18   Dulciana 8

19   Principal 4

20   Harmonic Flute 4

21   Fifteenth 2

22  Spare


23   Open Diapason 8

24   Stopped Diapason 8

25   Echo Gamba 8

26   Voix Celeste 8

27   Principal 4

28   Fifteenth 2

29   Mixture III

30   Spare

31   Horn 8

32   Oboe 8

33   Tremulant (uses ‘spare’ stop)