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Gospel Imprint is a fresh voice in Anglicanism sharing free resources with all Christians who are seeking to learn, worship and witness to the generosity of the Kingdom of God.

Gospel Imprint exists to support catechesis, liturgy and pastoral care, rooted in Anglican theology, liturgy and spirituality, informed by scripture, reason and tradition. Its publications are free and intended to be shared widely.

Gospel Imprint is a joint initiative of two Anglican societies, Affirming Catholicism and the Society of Catholic Priests. With them Gospel Imprint affirms all that is positive, inclusive and joyful within a theological tradition that is at once orthodox and liberal, open and catholic.

Hard copies of the leaflets can be picked up free at the back of Church or can be accessed on line by clicking here or on the individual links below. The colour of the section relates to the colour of the leaflet in Church.

Christian Faith

Holy Oils
Belief in the Eucharist
The Blessed Virgin Mary
The Trinity, Three Persons – One God
The Kingdom of God – the Good News
Who Is Jesus?
Worldwide Church

Christian Life

Living the Eucharist
Beyond Death and Dying
Catholic Evangelism
Should I Go Back to Church?
Is God Calling You To Be a Priest?
Spiritual Direction
Becoming Who I Am
Making a Retreat

Christian Prayer

Praying the Eucharist
The Sign of the Cross
How Can I Pray?
Confession and Absolution